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Trees, I love to paint trees with Watercolor Paint.

I don't know what I like to paint more, the ocean or trees. In my artist statement, I often mention how I have always been able to see auras around trees. I always look at trees, but I really look at them. I am not the one that sees green leaves and a brown trunk, I see lots of colors, greens, blues, purples, greys, yellows, browns, and beautiful golds. I use my artist's eye!

As an instructor of watercolor painting, I love to start with trees. First I explain how to really look at the colors of the trees, and then how to sketch them, and finally how to paint them. We also start with looking at the sky and clouds. It is so important to look and to see what you are looking at. shapes, colors, and design. On January 30th a Saturday at 1:00 I will offer an easy lesson

on zoom for all who want to learn how to paint a watercolor tree.! Join me and sign up at


Two crazy trees, and one in the ocean!

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