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Watercolor Brush or Digital pencil? Which do you prefer for your WatercolorArt?

I can say it is fun and gets my mind thinking of new things to warping....using different brushes (just a different setting), blurring...Now I am rolling my eyes...I have no idea what 95% of the actions are or are for, but I will admit it is FUN!. Digital! There are tons of buttons to change settings, but I have only conquered a few. I like the way the art turns out sometimes, but the old fashioned Paint and Brush on watercolor paper is my favorite. This Christmas Flamingo Flutter(that's what they call a bunch of Flamingos) is a digital painting of my original watercolor Flamingo Party. I believe whatever your medium is it is part of your soul. You will conquer many different mediums if you are a true explorer, but you will always have a favorite. My favorite is the Watercolor paint on watercolor paper. It's just part of who I am, not to say part of me isn't a mixed media, acrylic, digital, or ink type of artist, it just says my soul is connected to my Watercolors.

I am always up for trying something new and this is new and really fun! Give it a try and you will find your Silly!

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