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Watercolor Originals or Giclee Prints?

A new Art show is coming up, an outdoor Art Fair, two days 10~5. I have done many watercolor shows in my little town before and been successful, so why not? Decision made!!! I'm in. The next step, pay my entry fee (to be judged into the show). Now wait for the decision, If I am judged in there will be the tent fee... think this one is $250.

While I wait I think of my audience, music, food….and art! I think that is a good mix for a crowd. Now the work begins.

The BIG question, what should I bring? Well last time I had my string art, (String art is just prints of my watercolor small art animals on a string) that was just for fun and it sold, so I need more of that. I need more small white frames for the little bobbindoodles....ordered.

Don’t forget to get the tent cleaned. Next, I debated on what 6 framed watercolor works to bring. I decided 2 boats, 1 abstract, 1 animal…..the “blushing Flamingo” and 2 florals....decided.

Okay I have my string Art done, and added some pompoms… add to the strings, I have even dyed the string to make the watercolor art a little bit more colorful….Done. Created some new greeting cards. I am feeling very prepared.

Now to go through my watercolor art bins to decide what art to bring…..oh boy I have over 700 pieces… this is a big deal. Do I want to bring everything? Yes! but I won’t.. Because l can’t display it all in a 10x10 tent. I have two weeks left to decide, so out of the closet comes all the artwork. Did I mention, that after my last show, my husband customized my art closet with shelves, et, just for the art? He did a fabulous job and made it easier for me. I like easy, don’t you? I figured that if I took only a few big pieces and mostly smaller sizes it would be better. That's narrowed down a bit...but I need less….so Okay I’ll bring just the boats…. What if someone wants a floral? Okay I’ll take some floral, and they may want abstracts, I'll take some of those. Now I have 3 big bins….Now I need to drill down again…

Then there is the bag of…” I think I may need” know those emergency items, extra hooks, tape, string, scissors, my apron. my paints. This bag just grows and grows. Then I have my backpack, which the important things go into...which has lots of great pockets….I AM SET!.

Oh, this doesn’t even mention the tents, sides, the display walls, or the three tables and the display easels, table cloths, chairs…..I'm tired, just talking about this. Then I need a tribe to help set up. The tent is a two-person setup.

BUT the biggest issue is one I have no control over…..the weather. Rain is evil when it comes to watercolor….as all my work is on paper. Unfortunately during my last watercolor show a rainstorm my tent leaked and I lost two large mats, thank goodness the artwork was saved.


With this in mind I am thinking of just bringing prints. I can even have a service of you ordering the print and I will send you the print in the mail. This would give you the art patron to have free arms during the rest of the day. Any thoughts about a process like this? I would always offer the originals, just I would arrange delivery, or send them through the mail.


So which one is the original and which is the print? A or B

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