Watercolor Valentines

Do you have a special Valentine? I'm going to share a long-time tradition that just fell away as my children grew up, but was fun while it lasted. With six children and a husband parents, and close friends that was a lot of Valentine's. I made them every year along with the many valentines I made with the children for all their classmates. It added up to LOTS of valentines. supplies and time. I loved making them so one year I decided to go all out with bows, ribbons, paper doilies, and lots of red paper. That particular year I made them very elaborate for each person in the family. I hated to just throw them away after all that work. So I decided to keep them use them again just adding something special every year. It was fun for me and the kids loved them. I hung them in the kitchen where everyone gathered. It was fun seeing everyone's reactions. Now I wish I had them, but sadly when they all grew up and I moved into a smaller home they just disappeared into my memory. Now I have decided since I am an Art instructor, I have to give some Valentine lessons. Sooooo .....on Feb 6th at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm I will present my valentine's ideas. Please register on RecolorYourWorld.com if you want to join me. Guaranteed fun and Silly


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Paint~A~Long Saturdays Starting in March. I am still working on a schedule, I have my first show of the season on March 6th. So I am thinking of the 13th of March.   I'll keep you all posted via Facebook, and email if you have registered. 


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