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What does Old School mean?

Exactly what does the term "Old School" mean to you? It means lots of things to different people. But to me, it means old fashioned, the old way of doing things. Is that bad? Well, not in my mind. I believe it has good values, truth, and consistency. In these present days of text messages, emails, Facebook, zoom and a plethora of other ways to communicate some basic forms of good business practices are being missed. When we use email, doesn't that mean it is a faster way to communicate? If you are in business, and asking a specific question about a specific project should you wait 3-4 days for a response? I don't think so. I think, in my "old school" way of thinking that a response is important, a quick response is imperative. If you are the one receiving the email and being requested to take action that you are not able to take at that moment, should the email be ignored for 3-4 days? HELL should respond with something explaining when you can complete the questions or projects in question. Is that old school? NO, it is just good business practice. If you tell a client you will be complete with a project on a certain date, you better sure as HELL be done, and if not you should be saying why and when it will be complete. Is this old school way of thinking? When I am requested to pay for a service and I respond within the day, I EXPECT to have a response to my email with a day. In my old school of thought, I think that is a fair and good business practice. In these days of COVID and everyone becoming an entrepreneur, using our skills and creativeness we must remember good business skills. Especially in time-sensitive

matters. So if you are going to respond in 2 - 3 days say so...and use snail mail.. This is just one "Old School" person's opinion.

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