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What exactly are Algorithms?

The dictionary stated that they are a process of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. Does that mean anything to you? Well, it doesn't to me either........hahaha....The only sense I can make of this is that someone else is in charge of numbers. What numbers? My numbers???? I have no idea. I do know that algorithms affect the number of people that look at my Facebook and Instagram posts. I have been following everyone's advice (some authorities, and many tutorials.) on marketing, they said making posts, videos, stories, Facebook Lives, and even Tik Toc, will grow my following organically. Although the "lives" have been fun to make, the pressure of doing them became too much for me. Even the Tik Tocs and videos are not easy for me......I get the video going and the dog barks.... I wind up doing a million do-overs....hahaha...not fun. So I tried making my posts in advance, which takes some pressure off me, but that also took away the spontaneity. There must be a happy medium. What could that be? I have no idea. So, I will continue to make posts, on Facebook and I will post my ArtWork on Instagram. This will make me feel like I am doing everything possible to make my algorithms go up....I hope! organically....maybe ...and what exactly does organic traffic means I should each more fruit? hahah!

Here is a week of my views ...Not good, not at all.

How can this be? All the pretty posts, videos, etc....and this is all I got? Not good!

Before I start to do some official ads, google, Facebook, etc....I want to have all my ducks in a row. So while I am reading more tutorials and making pretty art posts, would you do me a favor? Pretty please with sugar on top, share my posts. It's easy, just click share....I think that will help.

xxxooo Bobbin

I'll let you know next month. we will see! thanks again xxxooo

See how cute my videos are.... ThankYou so much xxxooo Bobbin

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