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What is your color world today?

Mine is Cerulean Periwinkle Blue kind of day. I am wearing blues of many colors today because I can feel them in my imagination.

This wasn't always the case with me. I always wore black to hide behind. I never wanted to stand out or be noticed, I was insecure, depressed and lonely. Many of us hide there, with anxiety, grief, and lack of self-worth, not knowing how to get out of that. Am I describing you? That was me, and when my nest of children flew the coop, I got worse. I needed something and that turned out to be my art and COLOR.

Color can be a life-changer, a mood changer, and even a mind changer. Why don't we use it to our advantage? When I wear bright colors, I want to do my make-up, my hair and match them with funky jewelry. I want to sing a song, dance a little jig, and share my happiness with everyone. I don't do that every day, but I could. Many times I am in a white tee shirt and leggings or even my pj's... I am not a neat painter and have to use the old clothes for painting. But going out... a bright color or two is best.

I hardly ever wear black unless it is a black-tie affair and I have to. Through my struggles my colors have changed and so has my path. Come with me and my safety net of encouragement and learn from my path of color, fun, and silly.

Remember DON'T LOSE YOUR SILLY... and always wear your FAVORITE COLORS!

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