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What is your Creative Habit? Could it be watercolor painting?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Mine is Watercolor painting! I can easily tell you how I created a great habit. I always paint, and that is my daily habit, but it wasn't always like that.

I started vacation painting way back before I retired, because that was the BEST way to not think of work and all its stress. When I was working there was little time for painting, without interruptions....You know laundry shopping, cooking, catching up with family, phone calls, Dr. appointments etc. All those things needed to be done and seemed there was never enough time.

Being on vacation was wonderful with no stress and no worries about work, but the busy bee that I am I became bored reading books about art. Don't get me wrong vacation was lovely, swimming, fine dining, watching sunsets, boating, and just being a tourist. I still wanted to paint. So one year I took my paints. That was the most fun I had on vacation ever before. My HABIT was formed.

So now when I go on vacation the first thing I pack is my watercolor art supplies. It became a habit. A GREAT HABIT. It is easy to take watercolors on a trip because you don't really need much. Watercolor paper, watercolor brushes, and watercolor paints. You can always add some paper cups and water when you get to any destination. I keep it all in a little travel bag that I can take anywhere. That bag of travel watercolor supplies has gone to all my destination trips and I have painted on each of my trips, even if it is only one little painting. I painted in the famous Tuileries Gardens overlooking Paris. On my most recent trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England I also painted. These paintings become much more special to me as they remind me of the trip and all the wonderful memories. I also take many pictures, another I can also paint more memories when I arrive home.

Many of these photos I will use as reference photos in my RecolorYourWorld watercolor classes as well as in many of my Individual classes. So check out all my free classes, and feel free to join me on a fun journey and create your own HABIT of painting.

These are just a few from my various trips! Check out more of my paintings on or if you want to take the watercolor classes on line go to and check out my free classes.

Don't forget your silly and bring your happy colors!xxxooo Bobbin

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