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Whats new on Flamingo Friday? A watercolor fan brush.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

So here are two funky Flamingos just floating in the air, because they have no ground underneath them. They need to be grounded in some grassy weedy kind of ground.

Step one: Take your fan brush for the right Flamingo, and add some texture with the fan brush.

Step two: Make some ground with a regular round brush of an orangy brown (I used quinacradome burndt orange). Then take your little texture brush and make some weeds and grass.

Step back and see if it needs more or if it is finished.....remember if you don't step back,

you don't get the whole vision of the painting.

Painting of a flock of Flamingos

In this painting of Flamingos, I just used a long round brush. I like them for everything, because they are longer than a regular round and have a much better point.

picture of my "crazy" brushes

Here are some of my texture and fan brushes..I just got the funny brush and haven't had the opportunity to try it on a full painting, but I m ready. And below are the two brushes, both size 10, but the long round is so much more pointy....I use them all the time....and they are not expensive.

picture of a round brush vs a long round brush

Happy painting, don't lose your silly or your color and paint on! xxxoooBobbin

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