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Why is Mr. Clean in my Art Studio?

I am a watercolor Artist. I love to paint. I have been told and overheard others say "Watercolor is hard to accomplish because you can't correct an error".

WRONG, wrong, and definitely wrong. I thought that also, at the beginning of my learning journey, as I had painted in oils and acrylics. With those mediums, it is easy to correct a mistake, you just paint over it with more paint.

In Watercolor, it seems like once you put the paint on the paper you are done. It doesn’t seem like you can move around, lighten up, or even erase the paint from the paper. All these thoughts are incorrect. I can see how a non-painter or a painter of oil and acrylic would think that way, but luckily that’s not true. I can show you how to lift paints, scrub out marks, and even use Mr, Clean's magic eraser to take all the color off the paper.

It's easy if you know how. And I know how.

I would love to show you in my RecolorYourWorld classes.

...Mr. Clean is my secret tool that I keep handy in case I need to remove a color or two.

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